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The best possible location

The Dom Hotel will also spoil you because of its special location. It is totally central and at the same time peaceful. There are parking spaces available: You can leave your car in the hotel garage parking lot or internal courtyard. After all, you don't need your car if you wisch to visit the Augsburg city center. The city itself, with its Renaissance Town Hall, its pedestrian shopping zone with everything you need or the other sights worth seeing in Augsburg such as the "Puppenkiste" puppet theater, the Roman Museum or the famous Fuggerei are all within easy distance.

The tram is only a few steps away from the Dom Hotel and the central station only a few minutes away on foot, both reached easily and quickly.

Explore the area around our hotel by moving your cursor across the map.

Town Hall and Perlach Tower Augustus Fountain Merkur Fountain Herkules Fountain The cathedral The diocesan museum Mozart house St. Anna church Maximilian Museum The Synagogue The Fugger City Palace Schaezler Palace St Ulrich’s churches Augsburger Puppenkiste (Puppet Theater) Roman Museum The �Fuggerei” Brecht house Art museum “Walter” at the “Glas-Palace” Central station Augsburg tim public textile- and industry museum Augsburg Klinikum Augsburg Klinik Vincentinum Augsburg